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When space between propeller and strut is too narrow to mount cutter:

OPTION 1:    Removal of a ring from strut boss the width necessary to allow enough space for mounting cutter, including any end play. Procedure is as follows:

a) Scribe a ring around strut allowing space for cutter and end play (Photos #15, 16 and 17).
b) Cut strut through bearings stopping at rubber; using a knife, cut through rubber and removing. Make a side cut before a complete cut when propeller is not removed (Photo #18).
c) Remove ring and follow installation instructions.

OPTION 2:    Install SPURS Spacer between transmission and shaft flange. A 1" spacer will lengthen shaft allowing an additional 1" for cutter to be installed. (Photo #19).

SPURS Spacers are available through Spurs Marine:
Contact us for sizing. We will need the Make and Model # of your transmission.
SPURS" Spacers are solid steel, machined parallel within .001 and are electroless nickel plated.

Photo #19

Photo #20

Too much space between propeller and strut or stern tube:

(Photo #20). Contact manufacturer for special instructions. When a vessel with an unusual arrangement is encountered , send drawings for factory installation assistance. A zinc collar between propeller and cutter will act as a filler.

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