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Photo #5

A) Place the two shaft-mounted Rotary Cutter castings AS CLOSE TO THE PROPELLER as possible (cutter blade next to propeller hub) considering exposed shaft taper. (Photo #3). (CANNOT CLAMP ON TAPER!!)

B) 3 BLADE PROPELLER: Position one cutter blade 1/4" behind the leading edge of propeller blade; the other
cutter blade will automatically be in position (Photo #4). 2 AND 4 BLADE PROPELLERS: Position cutter blade
approximately 2" behind leading edge (Photo #4).

C) FIRST, tighten screw on lip side (closing alignment lip completely!) (Photo #5). This automatically aligns groove
perpendicular to bore.

D) SECOND. tighten opposite screw (without alignment lip). This clamps rotary cutter to shaft.

NOTE: Only one side of Rotary Cutter has an alignment lip. When tightened, this automatically aligns the stationary cutter groove perpendicular to the shaft bore, allowing the stationary cutter assembly to spin freely in
groove without binding. (Rotary cutter castings are paired (DO NOT INTERCHANGE) must remain as a set.)

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