1) Shaft Mounted Rotary Cutter
(1a) Rotary cutter with alignment lip
(1b) Rotary cutter without alignment lip
note: castings machined together (must remain together/not interchangeable)

2) Stainless Steel Socket Head Draw down Screw
(2a) Draw down screw for lip side
(2b) Draw down screw for clamping side
note: Model A-E (screws only) Model F-F3 (screws with 3/8 lock nuts)

3)  Stationary Cutter Ring
(3a) with blade
(3b) without blade

4) Stationary Cutter Screws and Hi-collar Lock Washers

5) Long-life Anti-friction Bearing (water lubricated)

6) Holding Wedge Block (9 sizes available) see Wedge Holding Blocks

7) Three holding wedge mounting screws and high collar lock washers for holding block

8) Propeller Shaft (3/4 - 6)

9) Zinc Anode (stationary cutter is isolated and requires independent zinc) (9a) 10 x 32 x 5/8 ss flat head socket screw

10) Sound dampening plugs (pressed into stationary cutter ring w/blade) model A thru D have separate plugs for each hole, model E thru F3 have one piece pressed into plugs

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